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You can find more about our products and after-sales service in one place. Documents for download and in PDF format. Filled forms should be scanned and sent on-line via e-mail or you can send original documents to the following address: Fabryka Materaców Hevea, Ogrodowa 28, 62-561 Ślesin.


  1. Before buying a mattress, measure your bed. Typically, this will be one of the standard sizes: from 120/60 to 140/70 – baby beds, from 160/70 to 90/200 – beds and couches for children, from 90/200 to 200/200 – beds for adults.
  2. The seller may ask you for information about the rack inside the bed frame and about the weight of the users. Have these details ready!
  3. Upon receipt of the mattress or upon delivery from a stationary store, check the content of the delivery. Unpack the mattress with the courier and, if it is damaged, write down a protocol. The courier has a special print accepted by the courier company. The supplier from the store will write a protocol on paper and will submit his signature.

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