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The collection of HEVEA covers is based on knitted fabrics of the best quality manufactured for our brand by the largest Polish and European producers. The right fibre composition is based on different raw materials: natural organic cotton, fibres of natural viscose creating a microclimate, and breathable PE fibres. That is why our knitted fabrics are safe for infants, children and adults. All fabrics are characterized by extraordinary strength, velvety touch, and exceptional softness. Being fully permeable to air, they allow to maintain a stable temperature at the level appropriate for the human body, and they evaporate moisture, which comforts dry skin. Knitted fabrics also play an important antibacterial function – they inhibit excessive bacterial growth and maintain the natural pH level of the skin. Fabrics dedicated for the youngest, e.g. Medica, have high level of vapour permeability and are able to neutralize free radicals. An additional advantage of all HEVEA covers is ease of use and maintenance. They can be repeatedly washed manually and automatically in temperatures up to 60ºC without losing their properties and original shape. The correct sewing of the slide tape (three sides of the cover) eases removing and fitting the cover, which improves cleanliness and hygienic properties of the whole cover.


Aegis Natural CareHEVEA AEGIS NATURAL CARE fabric is one of the most hygienic mattress fabrics. It uses an innovative medical technology solution – a “shield” or fabric with antimicrobial and antibacterial properties is odourless, colourless, has a flat coating that protects against bacteria, fungi, algae, yeast, mould and dust mites. The finishing becomes one with the material and remains on the surface throughout the lifespan. Aegis technology used in the cover of the mattress gives it protective and preventive functions. The product made with Aegic Microbe Shield technology promotes health, is friendly for humans, animals and the environment. Selective action against unwanted micro-organisms puts AEGIS at the forefront of hypo-allergenic fabrics. HEVEA AEGIS Natural Care fabric is odourless, soft, and resistant to washing and repeated laundering. Can be washed at up to 60ºC, Eko-Tex Standard 100 certificate. Composition: 30% cotton/70% polyester, AEGIS finishing. The cover can be carefully washed at up to 60ºC.


Tencel Silky FeelingHEVEA TENCEL SILKY FEELING knitted fabric. Thanks to the TENCEL® technology of nano-fibres based on 100% natural cellulose (eucalyptus wood pulp from sustainable crops), the fabric is strong, elastic, flexible and silky. Thanks to unique hydrophilic properties, Tencel® fibres provide excellent and uniform moisture absorption, which improves comfort of use. Cellulose fibres absorb 50% more moisture than cotton. TENCEL SILKY FEELING knitted fabric is environmentally friendly. It is as comfortable as cotton, as durable as polyester, as elastic as viscose, and as delicate as silk (i.e. silky touch). Tancel yarn maintains a constant level of moisture and has antistatic properties. It promotes healthy sleep, helps the muscle relaxation, and allows you to fully relax during the night. Eko-Tex Standard 100 certificate, Safe for Children.
Advantages: has the ability to absorb moisture, perfectly breathable, antistatic, has a pleasant silky touch, is strong and durable, provides high comfort of use. Composition: 30% tencel viscose/70% polyester. The cover can be carefully washed at up to 60ºC.


Aloe Green PowerHEVEA ALOE GREEN POWER knitted fabric belongs to the Wellness group of fabrics. The widely known, soothing and healing effects of Aloe Vera were used by the Egyptians thousands of years ago. Knitted fabric based on Aloe Vera is not only soft and fresh to the touch, but it is in perfect harmony with the body and nature. It has protective functions, gives a sense of comfort, cools, stimulates blood circulation, has anti-stress properties, and the peculiar smell of the finishing protects against insects. The white and green cover of the ALOE GREEN POWER mattress is pleasant to the touch, creates a relaxing environment, and relaxes the skin. Knit with the Aloe Vera finishing is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes, it helps in skin care and slows the ageing process. The cover is anti-bacterial and anti-allergic. It is resistant to repeated washing and cleaning at up to 60ºC. It is perfectly breathable and suitable for sunny rooms, because it absorbs UV rays. Eko-Tex Standard 100 certificate, Safe for Children. Composition: 30% viscose/70% polyester, Aloe Vera gel. The cover can be carefully washed at up to 60ºC.


Cashmere BeautyHEVEA CASHMERE BEAUTY knitted fabric is a luxurious and fluffy mattress knit based on soft and thin fibres (16-18 micrometres) of cashmere goat wool. This line of covers contains the best and the most delicate material in the world – cashmere. The knitted fabric is distinguished by the properties of fibres and yarn, the structure of the material and exceptional product life. Expensive cashmere fibres are characterized by a small diameter, smooth surface and small length of staple fibres. They are extremely resistant to peeling and perfectly breathable. The knit has a soft, silky and delicate touch. The content of cashmere fibres softens the yarns, thanks to which the mattress is perfectly breathable and thermo-regulated. Eko-Tex Standard 100 certificate.
Advantages of the knit: the use of cashmere prevents heat loss and helps maintain a constant body temperature, cashmere fibres, like silk, provide excellent insulation, they are natural and light. The attractive appearance of the mattrress will draw the attention of the most demanding customers, it is abrasion resistant, it retains its original look, it is easy to clean. Composition: 34% viscose/65% polyester/1% cashmere. The cover can be carefully washed at up to 60ºC.