Initially, HEVA was established to manufacture only latex mattresses. Over the years, this product has become our speciality.

Foam mattress, made of a single block of latex, has become our sales hit in all age categories… Following the expectations of our customers, in 2015 we introduced a whole range of spring mattresses.

We have improved the REHABOX HEVEA spring mattress (pocket spring mattress) with the use of latex foam and visco foam. Thanks to the combination of different materials, we have achieved well rated visco mattresses (based on modern pockets) and innovative foam mattresses made with various new components (BLUE OCEAN latex).

After almost a decade after the first latex-coconut mattress Krzyś was made, HEVEA offers a wide range of sleeping mattresses. Among them we can find latex mattresses, latex-coconut mattresses, VISCO memory foam mattresses, orthopaedic mattresses, pocket spring mattresses and other textiles pleasing to the eye. Choose Polish HEVEA mattresses.