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Life inspires us... that is why our products are intended mainly for children and seniors. We offer comfortable products perfect for small and large bedrooms. They are suited to any age, size, and room. Natural and healthy.
We make our products from highest quality materials. Our standard is PREMIUM class, which is confirmed by certificates and approvals of domestic and international research units. For us, there are no half measures.
Our latex mattresses, textiles and mattresses for children are popular in Poland and in the European Union. Many years of experience and continuous development help us to properly respond to the trends and the needs.
A mattress is a mattress – is there anything special about it? It may be. The sooner we see its effects, the faster we achieve joy and health. Keep in mind that sleep takes one-third of our lives, and that knowledge should be crucial when choosing this “underestimated partner” :) for our bed (mattress). Most important things are often invisible. The same goes for mattresses. Polish mattresses deserve your attention. Theoretically, they are unnoticeable in everyday life, but they play an important role for our health. Mattresses are a bit like paintings. Exclusive frames are of small importance, because the essence - the content - is on the canvas. We tend to pay a lot for beds, without taking into account that they are “the frame”, and “the heart” (e.g. latex mattress) is inside. Society is changing, evolving... We understand our needs more and more. More and more current and future parents pay attention to mattresses for their “treasures”. Adults look not only for design, but also convenience, comfort and quality. Income criterion is often not the most important when it comes to choosing a mattress.
This is a good trend that, in a broader perspective, will work and pay off in the future. We have plenty to choose, because there are many manufacturers and speciality stores offering Polish mattresses. When seeking a mattress, take a closer look at the brand, its advantages, and opinions of its users. We are buying a product that should last for years, a product for us – it should be well thought out. Mattress store – there are a lot of sellers online. But it is a good idea to “touch” the product – do not buy impulsively. Most commonly, parents choose latex 160x200 mattresses for themselves, and for their children they choose latex mattresses in smaller sizes. To meet the expectations of our customers, HEVEA (mattresses manufacturer) is distinguished not only by the quality, but also by a variety of mattresses for kids, children and young people. Our JUNIOR latex mattresses Snudo MAX are a leader in their class, and colourful, licensed DISNEY mattresses are more and more often used in the rooms of small Poles and Europeans. Everyday life inspires us...